CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE                                                                                 


Upper surfaces of our tiles are coated with a durable polyurethane layer. Such protective layer ensures protection during transportation, handling, installation, and afterward, against damages, contaminations and spots. After installation, post-installation cleaning should be conducted. Afterward, cleaning may be conducted with a vacuum cleaner and an appropriate cleaning agent. 

   Protective Maintenance                                                                                             

  • It should be paid attention to using robust mats not made of rubber at the door entrances to prevent ingression of significant amount of
  • Suitable pads with no sharp edges should be placed under the legs of furniture and chairs. Office chairs should have type W wheels as per the requirements of EN 12529 for use on flexible floor coverings. These wheels are of smooth, light colored roller wheels within certain
  • The floor should be wiped with a piece of damp cloth (at least once a week) for maintaining its quality of The cleaning periods may vary depending on the usage frequency and the level of contamination.
  • Abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided. These types of cleaning agents may damage the floor A list of recommended cleaning agents is made available upon your request through your authorized dealer.
  • Pets with sharp claws may cause scratches on the floor
  • Pointed and/ or metal heel shoes may also damage the surface of the floor coverings; please be cautious.
  • The floor coverings should not be exposed to prolonged and direct sunlight. Any direct exposure on the floor coverings at the peak times of sunlight should be minimized by means of using curtains and sunshades. Most of the types of floor coverings is prone to color changes when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, high temperatures may also have negative effects on the flexible floor coverings.


  Regular Maintenance                                                                                                 

  • Food stains must be cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent (recommended cleaning agents should be considered!) as soon as possible to prevent the formation of stains. Use of abrasive materials (rubbing salts, soft soap, bleaches, acetone, alcohol and solvents etc..) should be avoided for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Liquid stains may be easily cleaned with a cleaning agent suitable for flexible floor coverings.
  • In removal of bonded stains, a recommended cleaning or maintenance material suitable for flexible floor coverings should be included into the cleaning water. Cleaning frequency should be adjusted depending on the level of
  • After the installation of our floor coverings, the contamination that may usually occur during the installation process should be In case of any accidental formation of deep scratches, the respective part of the floor coverings may need to be replaced.