Recoll Legnodur Adhesive 0.5 Kg



Always check the humidity of the foundation and of the wood with appropriate instruments. Do not apply on subfloors that are not protected from swelling due to humidity (always place an adequate steam sealed lining). Donot apply to floors in rooms that do not have windows or doors. Do not apply if the wall and ceilings of the area are not very dry.


Make sure the product is at ambient temperature before use. For gluing jointed floors, spread the glue by means of the special container on the upper side of the male part in order to guarantee better waterproofing of the glued joints. Any glue escaping from the joints during the laying of the floor can be removed with a cloth dampened with fresh glue. Before gluing, always check with appropriate instruments the wood humidity (humidity must be between 7 and 11%). Ambient temperature between 15 and 25°C, relative humidity not greater than 75%. Always use adequate personal protective equipment. Always consult the MSDS sheet of the product.


  • Aspect: Dense liquid
  • Viscosity (@20°C; Brookfield): 10000 – 18000
  • Dryness (%): 52 – 56
  • Coverage (g/m2): depending on use and thickness applied
  • Work time (minutes): 8 – 10
  • Application temperature (°C): +15 - +25
  • Hours required before walking on surfaces is possible: 10 – 12
  • Film hardening (hours): 3 - 4 hours ( depending of use and thickness applied )
  • Application/Tools: Brush, special glue-spreading can
  • Tool cleaning: Water, when the product is still fresh
  • Storage (months): 6 (temperature between +5°C and +25°C)
  • Each bottle will cover 10 sqm


  • Do not apply in damp areas.
  • Absolutely avoid freezing temperatures
  • Make sure the temperature of the product is 20°C before applying
Product CodeAC173