Primer DPM Poly Eco 5 kg



Consolidating resin for dusty cement screeds; for treating residual humidity on damp floors and walls; by adding fine sand it is possible to obtain synthetic mortars for trimmings or quick repairs. 


Always check the subfloor humidity with appropriate instruments. The under floor to be treated must be compact and free of detaching elements. Any defects on the surface, such as cracks or crevices should be treated beforehand by making a paste with washed fine sand (not marine) and PRIMER POLY ECO.


Make sure the product has a temperature of 20°C before use. Always check compactness and humidity of subfloor (maximum 3 - 4%). PRIMER POLY ECO should be applied generously with a brush or roller after having plastered all cracks. Let it dry at least 3 - 4 hours at ambient temperatures between 20 - 25 °C and 60 – 70 % relative humidity (different conditions may lead to non optimal results). Apply the second coat of PRIMER POLY ECO. Spread a layer of fine quartz sand (not marine). Before bonding, brush away any excess sand that has not adhered. Ambient temperature from 15 to 25°C, relative humidity not greater than 75%. Always use adequate personal protective equipment. Always consult the MSDS sheet of the product.


It is important that no more than 12 hours elapse between one coat and another to ensure perfect bonding between the various applications.


  • Aspect: brown liquid
  • Viscosity (@20°C): 20 -45
  • Approximate coverage (g/m2): 200 - 400
  • 5 KG will cover between 20-25 m2
  • Pot life (minutes): 50 - 60
  • Hours required before walking on surfaces : 6 - 8
  • Days required for laying:3 - 5
  • Final hardening (days): 1- 3
  • Application temperature (°C):  +15 - +25
  • Application/Tools: Roller - brush
  • Tool cleaning: SE, when the product is still fresh
  • Removal of product: SE, when the product is still fresh
  • Storage (months): 6 @ temperature between +5°C and +25°C
  • Packaging:  5 Kg container
  • Limitations of use : Aerate area during application avoiding draughts Always use adequate personal protective equipment Do not apply in damp areas Make sure the temperature of the product is 20°C before applying
Product CodeAC185